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Rescue your CanoScan LIDE 20

Mine stopped working after I upgraded my operating system to Snow Leopard a few years ago. With no obvious sign of damage I figured some internal part had been damaged during a house move. But, thankfully, I never managed to bring it to the recycling centre. Meanwhile, a more tech-savvy sibling, knew theirs had stopped […]

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Safe? It’s not even effective!

Since the 1960’s the Irish population have been told by their Government that not only is water fluoridation safe, but it is also effective at reducing dental caries (decay and/or crumbling of teeth). But in May 2010, the EU Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) published a report which clearly shows water fluoridation […]

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End mandatory (or indeed any kind of) water fluoridation

I signed this petition back in Jun 2011. For four reasons. 1) I believe it is medically inappropriate to medicate me without personally assessing me for a) my need based on the number of teeth that need protecting b) my risk of developing the disease based on dietary and lifestyle choices c) my current exposure […]