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3 day, 500k cycle

That’s what I’m going to try next! But first… an apology. Because, from some private emails received, its apparent that my inactivity on this website has caused considerable anxiety. Especially for those who wouldn’t have had the reassurance of bumping into me around Sligo, or being able to check with a friend or family member. […]

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Not swimming with sharks

Not while I have Stent 2 in me. Because since it came into my life on March 11th, it has proved to be a most unreliable, unpredictable and malevolent visitor… and I’ve since seen more blood in my urine than I care to remember. Consequently, as one must eventually pee in one’s wetsuit when snorkelling and […]

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Stent and Chemo 6 update

A lot… an awful lot… has happened since my last post. And, yes, a lot of what has happened has been awful. Not physically awful like my reaction to that anti-biotic, but emotionally and mentally awful. Because, while November and December were replete with signs that I was getting steadily better and better (including a […]

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Simon’s Buns

This recipe had a major impact on my well being during treatment for Follicular Lymphoma. I will be forever grateful to my cousin and her hubby Simon for baking and bringing a batch when they came to visit. The taste and texture were amazing – and all the more satisfying because there was no flour […]