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Safe? It’s not even effective!

Since the 1960’s the Irish population have been told by their Government that not only is water fluoridation safe, but it is also effective at reducing dental caries (decay and/or crumbling of teeth).

But in May 2010, the EU Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks (SCHER) published a report which clearly shows water fluoridation is not effective.

Because, despite starting from a better position than most, the rate of Decayed Missing and Filled Teeth in Irish 12 year olds is now HIGHER than that of 12 year olds in other non-fluoridated EU countries. 

Not only that, but many of those other non-fluoridated countries managed to reduce their DMFT scores far more than we Irish. They did this without resorting to water fluoridation!

Yet the mantra keeps being repeated: it’s safe and effective, safe and effective…

Graph showing changes in DMFT scores from fluoridated Ireland and other non-fluoridated countries

Graph copied from Declan Waugh’s response to Junior Minister Jimmy Deenihan. Declan is an environmental scientist who has put together a stunning technical report on the human and environmental toxicity of water fluoridation – and the legal implications thereof. He submitted his report to both the irish Government and the EU. Which, in my opinion, means that when The Girl Against Fluoride takes the irish Government to court, they can’t claim they didn’t know they were doing harm. So the final legal cost to the State will be far, far higher. Download a summary (PDF, 805kb) of this report and/or the full document (PDF, 3.8MB).