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Busy times…

… but then again it is Spring and Life is hopping!

This weekend hope to improve my music-facilitation skills by attending Rachel Dempsey’s Around The World in Just 8 Songs.voice workshop on Saturday. May also get to the second of Guillermo Rozenthuler’s weekend workshops on Sunday. After a hectic week, being surrounded by singing voices for two days is going to be bliss!

Decided this week that I’m happy to put my name to ASEA . Because 6 weeks of self and friends testing have yielded some great experiences for people – and a dog! So am promoting ASEA pre-EU-lauch presentations in Dublin, Rome, Belfast and Sligo.*

However, I think it will be athletes, with their ultra-responsive systems, who will be the first to see and make the most of what this product can do. Because they know their bodies abilities and limits so will more readily sense when something improves. Plus, of course, they know HOW to measure progress.

Others might be slower on the uptake. Including (unfortunately) natural therapists and wellness professionals. Can’t say I blame them given the amount of ‘miracles’ they’ve been promised (and not received) down the years. However, I do hope that sufficient numbers will overcome their scepticism and take a good look.

Because it seems as if redox signaling molecules are even more important to cells than things like anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, omegas etc.

Interested in ASEA? Drop me a line.

 * Contact me if interested in attending (or simply learning more about ASEA).